Quotes and Clovers
January 13, 2016

June 21, 2014 with the help of 30 other inspiring women and their stories, we as a team, became, "international best selling authors”.

Ah what? I question myself with amusement when the subject arises. The words do not flow off my tongue with the sound of confidence. Its a title I have never pre-sued, much less dreamed of becoming a writer. I love quotes, positive quotes, words of wisdom, simply spoken to educate the soul. My Pinterest board is full of encouraging words, words my drive needs daily. I love books, reading helps mind my create when I feel I can not. This story is not about my new title I shy from, this story actually began around 27 years ago, it's simply to inspire someone.

My first memories of interacting with an intriguing, dark haired, dark eyed boy, that coyly made me laugh and clearly desired my attention...watching him search intently for four leaf clovers on the football field of Gaston High School. And when he found his luck, he, without hesitation gifted the luck to me. I recently learned the meaning of each of the four leafs through “my clover respecting friend” who has a model trinket, and on the back of the brass, embossed the definitions.  One for Luck, One for Love, I already by chance or by luck, recognized these two, Then the others One for Hope, One for Faith. 

After hundreds of four leaf clovers gifted to me by that boy who's dark eyes turn golden when the sun illuminates them, My now Husband and 20 something years later, I now understand the clover as a whole meaning. Our boys now search for clovers and by nature gift them to me. There is a quote, "Four leaf clovers are not rare, the people whom look for them are". I can see that!

Before I knew the clovers meaning, entirety, I chose the symbol to describe my photography as a whole, an identity for my dream. 

Throughout the years as I tried to save the clovers, favored to me as if they were flowers, most eventually dried up and I tossed them like trash. The spring of 2014 brought so many four leaf clovers in the patch of grass by the stoned path that leads between our home and my dream, my studio. We found so many I even had friends looking for luck when they were around! We had clovers all over the kitchen counter. I remember thinking of how I toss them after the leafs turn to debris. I had read and inspirational book, author, Donald Miller "A Million Miles In a Thousand Years”, Its about how he learns to live a better story. I opened the book I've read more than once and randomly placed the clovers, between middle pages for security in hopes of having a change in luck. 

As usual I went about my business.

Business brought me to meeting Mrs. Adrienne Santana, a woman, who’s  soul is so bright with inspiring positivity, she was colorful I could tell just from speaking to her over the phone. Her goal, to help people. She needed head shots, the visual of Adrienne in a business suit did not match.

For those whom like “photography talk,” I decided to wait until the exact moment of the spring golden hour, the one I'm awake for anyway, use my 50mm lens,1.4 aperture, adjusted everything manual for the correct exposure, and photographed her in front of a field of some type of clover that blooms red. Her head shot would be as colorful as her personality with that bokeh look, behind her would look as if she were in a painting. The head shot would be used as her author photograph for her upcoming anthology complied by Erica Gordan. "Motherhood Dreams and Success". Adrienne arrived early, I had scheduled her later in the day, I knew I would be fighting the sun so, I explained and we used the time to get to know one another by deep conversations about life. 

Another quote I like.."We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason". A few days later I received an invitation to write my story in the book, via phone from the compiler, Erica herself. From chatting with Adrienne for hours, over a short period of time, I knew this experience was unique and real. I accepted the invite, with having only seven days to write my story of how I got to that point in my life; why I was standing where I was standing, what others considered or recognized as success even though I, didn't feel successful. Not that I'm not successful. I just know I have more work to do. I reached this point by the help of Adrienne, telling Erica about the stories I highlighted while waiting for the sun to go down. 

I needed 1500 words, the feeling of producing 1500 of honest, inspiring words of hope. I felt as if I needed to write a million. Every risk comes with a cost, a small amount due from me to follow through and at the least become an author, costs I recognized from my own business stand point.

Others were not excited about my news when they learned I had to make an investment, as you do with everything rather it be time or money, or both. Everyone told me I should not take the risk. No one believed it to be true, I was devastated. I began writing even though I thought I might have to back out, I might have to say no because I did not have a support system. I did not think I could do it without the support from my family.

I kept writing and kept Adrienne in the dark about my position over the next few days. I knew that if I were going to quit writing and not join the ladies in the anthology. I knew I would have to respectfully do it that day, and not waste any more of their time. I also prayed that morning, I said aloud in a friendly tone..."God please send me a slap in the face", I demanded him to not send some lame sign, I had no time for lame! I had only a few days to write. It sounds mean but, God and I are friends, he understood my tone of humor.  

Later that day as I was heading out the door, I give Dalyn a brief summary of the ongoing. He surprised me with his knowledge, he had heard the conversations from the past few days. Now, Dalyn, he has to be really impressed before he gives a compliment. He tells me I should do it, the last person I talked to was my encourager, My son. He times his words as I turn to leave, he mumbles as if the words taste bad while speaking them "Besides, why wouldn't they want your story, your one of the smartest people I know". I stop in my tracks in disbelief of words I think he has spoken. I’m sure my expression, surprised, did not even surprise him. I asked him to repeat himself, he says he can't say it a second time with his honest yet delightful demeanor. I state in a don't mess with me tone "Boo, I need to hear what you said for obvious reasons". He repeated himself in a more sincere tone, I could tell his sweet words tasted worse while he repeated the compliment. A weight lifted off my shoulders as I knew I had my answer, for I had only myself to answer to the whole time. I thank him with hugs and leave out. As I round the sharp curve of my road, it hits me, Dalyn saying that to me was my slap in the face I had ask God for that morning. See why I stated nothing lame, it's hard to get my attention I guess!

I spoke with Adrienne and confessed my happenings. After that content was over we discussed books we have read and liked. One of mine being "The War of Art"  by Steven Pressfield. As well as the book I placed the clovers in for safe keeping. I told her of the clovers everyone found, how Devin had brought in many that week and how instead of throwing them away I placed them in the book. The next morning, I had a notion, out of pure curiosity or maybe doubt that Dalyn was my slap, I wondered what the words were on the pages where I randomly chose with trust to protect my clovers. I've read both books over a period of time, with no recollection that "A Million Miles In a Thousand Years" quoted, Steven Pressfield. The clovers opened to chapter twenty, title, "negative thoughts" I made a sound of disappointment, the author is speaking of his father and the title was, well, negative. I still continued to the last paragraph, it read...


                        "I read a book a couple of year ago by Stephen Pressfield call "The War of Art". The book is about writing, about the process of getting words onto an empty page. Pressifield said a writer has to sit down everyday and write, regardless of how he feels. He said you can sit around and wait for inspiration to come, but you will never finish your book that way. "The muse honors the working stiff" Pressfield says. He also says that every creative person, and I think every other person, faces resistance when trying to create something good. He even says resistance, a kind of feeling that comes against you when you point toward a distant horizon, is a sure sign that your are supposed to do the thing in the first place. The harder the resistance,the more important the task must be, Pressfield believes. 


I don't think I have to spell out the irony in that slap!

I read inspirational books sometimes, I was invited to be an author in a very inspiring book. 

My answers came in slaps just as I asked. My courage was given to me by the meaning of four leaf clovers. Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck. After days of writing, I finished with over 1500 words and had to leave parts of my story unheard. Erica was happy with my results. We all worked as a team on the date of the release and pushed our numbers that gave us the title of international best selling authors. How bad would I have felt if I had not taken the risk and not trusted my instincts. What if I had never had enough faith to ask God for answers? What if I did not have hope that my story could help another woman? If my words only inspire one person, it was worth it all. I still had love from my family even though I went against their wishes. There was no way I could go wrong, because of all the love that gifted me luck. The name of my chapter "Lucky Fate". If you would like an autographed copy, contact me, or there are four copies at "The Alabama Gift Company" on Broad Street, Gadsden. To view more about the book and my co-authors visit our site Also find us on Facebook - Motherhood Dreams and Success


-Kristi Henson Chappell


For the ladies I shared the author journey with...

"You can always tell who the strong women are. They are the one you see building one another up, instead of tearing each other down."

Some of my favorite quotes that inspire me…

"Everyday is a chance to change your life"

"It takes nothing to join a crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.

"Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, salute it, whatever. MAKE!

"A wise person knows there is something to be learned from EVERYONE!

This photo below is of my sweet Adrienne! Please visit her site to learn how she helps the world by telling her story.

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Adrienne Santana
January 18, 2016 - 05:44:06 AM
~kizmet~  That's what it was, the connection between you and I.  A state of elation.  I had searched for a photographer in my area.  Every call ended with a long dial tone stating the number was no longer in service, had been changed or was simply the wrong number.  I dreaded expanding my search but had a need to meet.  Hesitantly I dialed three numbers, the closest to me.  After one ringing to no end I hung up and dialed yet another ... To no avail an answering machine.  "Just leave the messgae" I told myself and so with little hope, I left my name and number and hung up and dialed the third.  The most dreadful voice answered and upon learning of my dilemma, said photographer half-heartedly agreed to shoot me with a sullen departure of "well, I guess I could, if you can't find anyone closer to you."  Pleasantly I thanked him for his agreement and for his help and left the call agreeing, there had to be someone closer.  

"Perhaps, a snap shot from my own camera" I thought and nothing more.  I went on about my days writing, working and networking.  We needed authors and the days were closing in quickly.  We didn't need just anyone.  Each co-authors had been hand picked, heart chosen and had what each of us could only describe as a divine appointment ... 'Kizmet'.  

One beautiful spring morning as I sat outside ~Kizmet~ called.  Immediately I was excited.  Her voice comforting yet filled with light and joy.  We laughed and spoke of the chance connection through my struggle to find a photographer. Our lives and hearts connecting before hanging up .. I was, for the first time in my life, excited about having my photo taken.  I'm very insecure on camera.  Not many people know this about me.  I've always been known as the social butterfly and life of not just the party but the office in which I had worked.  Yet, secretly, I've dreaded recognition and a photo has always been the worst kind for me.  

Speaking with Kristi was more than a photo meet.  My heart fluttered, I smiles from ear to ear and I felt 'hugged' over the airways.  I was excited to meet her, I knew Joy was needed for a good shot and Joy was what she had just delivered, in abundance! 

Unbeknownst to Kristi, I spoke to the compiler about her.  I was told we only had one more place and she was talking to someone herself.  My heart sank.  "But" she said ... "If she is the person you say, I trust your judgement.  So speak to her but let her know the deadline is next week".  

The photo meet was fantastic!  I actually brought my husband along with another dear friend who was also a co-authors and Kristi had me feeling so comfortably I agreed to a playful group photo of the three of us.  

I never mentioned the open spot for a coauthor during the shoot.  It was business and the shoot was a party of spirits and hearts filled with laughter, joy and ~kizmet~.  

I knew she was the one.  I knew she would struggle and face opposition and resistance.  I knew her family at least some, would disagree whole heartedly.  How did I know?  Because I believe I was the only coauthor who had not faced those things.  I witnessed each woman face the feelings of doubt, fear and insecurities.  I felt I had been blessed with full support and love by family and friends so that I could share it and encourage others to press forward.  

I knew Kristi needed that but I couldn't tell her what to do.  It had to be her.  I couldn't tell her what she should do or say.  I could answer questions about the book, the publisher, compiler and other authors but I could not tell her to go against her families wishes or to let it go and keep the peace.  I knew she would write.  I knew, she would find her answer in the process and I thanked God for connecting me to such an inspiring, encouraging and talented young woman.  A woman with a heart of pure Gold.  I thanked him for ~kizmet~.  ... Lucky Fate.  I will always treasure each call, each meeting of our hearts and her faith ... Her faith in God, her family and herself.  My first Four Leaf Clover was Kristi Chappell herself.  

I always say " meet this woman, call her or message her ... Even if you don't use her services, you will be blessed".  

You are an excellent author my dear friend ... Your words are filled with hope, love and faith.  They fill hearts with the experience of having the luck and good fortune to know one as rare a find as our four leafed friends.  Ms. Kristi Chappell thank you for "Lucky Fate".  

Adrienne Santana
January 18, 2016 - 06:54:11 AM
Please forgive the mispellings above, Kismet, Family's .. Ahhh smart phones are a prize but I don't have my glasses lol .. Kristi, you are deserving of the best life has to offer ... I pray, know ... God will bless the desires of your heart and the endeavors of your faith ... ". Much love girl!  (((Huggz)))
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