"Updates and Weird Things"
February 01, 2016
Devin, he says I collect the weirdest things.  I thought I would share my favorite, weird, items that make me visually happy.  I'm sure, if you like some of my weird do-dads, we could be friends. I will admit, I have a pillow problem, a personal keepsake problem, odd things call my name.
I also did the newest update on the IPhone and I found several ways to edit a photo right on your phone. I could have waited on the right light but the mood struck me and I just went with it. So, here are iphone photos of my weird things. Dalyn has the same weird taste, I think his home will be visually interesting. We both like old items...old items that we can only imagine its history.
Shane gave me this hope chest as a gift around the third or fourth year we dated. It's funny how you fill it with hope and dreams and with time is serves as memory chest as far back as high school days.
Dalyn has always brought home bottles he has found in the woods around our house. The old coke bottle crate hold those and a few others that have made themselves home there.
While shopping with my awesome, sister~in~law, Leslie I found this fabulous pair of wooden bookends while shopping in a hole in the wall antique store. Those places have the best stuff!
This ladder belonged to Shane's late grandfather, Shankey. We borrowed it and never returned it. It reminds me of him. It holds more of my memories and books.
What can I say, I love memories, the race car photo is actually a belt buckle given to me by one of my brothers biggest fans. I think you must have been a pretty cool icon if someone is walking about with a belt buckle with your picture of you in your race car. I mean no one has a belt buckle with me on it! My brother was awesome.
This is my area I retire to in the evenings and wake up to in the mornings.
This if one of my favorite photos of Shane. I've had "The Tweeny Wenny Cat Book" forever, I think my mom bought it for me. Dalyn gave me the owl, the feather came off an Lucky Brand purse. 
Ex Libris, old book labels for those whom shared their books. Ex Libris means "from the library of." With these you would know whom the book you borrowed belonged to. Shanes mom gifted me the labels, Dalyn gifted me the old camera. The iron bird, I found at one of those funky antique stores.
Shane bought me this right after we got married. I don't even know where he picked it up. It's brass, it had a mirror, it has been broken for quite sometime but I will never forget why he said he bought it; he said it reminded him of how beautiful he thought I was. What a smooth talker he is!
I love color! I love how items don't match but flow...Shane has memories on his side of the bed. I'm not sure if he even looks at them but I placed them there anyway.
I found this item at "The Cozy Nest"! I'm not sure exactly what it's for but for around its used for towels and one of my favorite pieces!
More pillows in the dining room, some of my photos and this funky cabinet for storage. The large basket, Dalyn and I found several years ago and the Hwy 411 annual yard sale. It's so well made, it's about 100 years old and no sign of tearing up even with regular use!
Pictures and pillows...Devin says my stuff is weird, I say our home is a reflection of our lives, my personality decor wise, but surrounded by blessed memories.  
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